London Grove Meeting Records 1950-1956
The source for the text below is London Grove Friends Meeting Minutes archived at Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College.

1950 - 1956

Swarthmore Research 11-11-2015

Records examined:

London Grove Monthly Meeting
(Society of Friends)

[1950-1956] Some dates were not transcribed.

3/5/1950 Helen Corson on Peace Committee

Helen Corson told of receiving thanks for vouchers sent to the Russian Zone at Christmas time.

A splendid letter from Geoffrey Corson to President Truman was read, and in it Geoffrey told of his reasons for resigning his commission in the Navy. A...... for this fine testimony was expressed.

It was reported that the letter of resignation written to President Eisenhower by Geoffrey Corson can be made available to those for whom it may be ? through the Ministry and Council. Other young men in like situation ?? fited by this statement.

A copy of Geoffrey Corson's letter was made available to Barbara Clough in Düsseldorf, Germany, Richmond Miller, Richard McFeely and others at George School. The Meeting approved of a letter of encouragement being sent to Geoffrey. The Meeting wishes him to know that he has its support in following his conscience in asking for his resignation from the United States Naval Reserves.

An answer from Governor Fine was read in regard to our telegram ….. Bill. Margaret Corson reported that she attended a hearing in Harrisburg and that the opposition was strong.

Reports of the American Friends Service Committee's Annual Meeting were made by Helen Corson, Ashby Larmore, Catherine Larmore and Arthur Yeatman. We were something of the “Little Point Four” program worked out by the Service Committee at the request of the State Department. This is to be helpful to the natives in doing better the things they must do at home. Some large donations of money and materials have been made but need is great and individual contributions are always desired ….in Italy Japan and Germany was also mentioned. 82% of the contributions ...from individual contributors

3/2/1952 Consideration was given to the application presented at last monthly meeting by a Margarita Corson Graeff her minor son, Roger Charles Graeff, and he is accepted as our member. To welcome him we appoint Philip and Winfred Thomforde.

Helen Corson reported on a letter received from Raymond Wilson from Was ...urging all to give further efforts to the opposition of U. M. T. It was suggested further that Congressman Paul Dague should be again contacted and thanked for his stand against the bill and for his speech in Congress to that effect.

4/6/1952 Race Relations letter was mentioned and the Meeting appointed Winfred H. Thomforde as our correspondent.

A statement prepared by Helen H Corson was read in regard to her stand against subscribing to the Loyalty Oath. This is required of her as a state employee and she consequently has lost her position with the County Board of Assistance. Her feeling is that this oath will curb freedom of thought and expression a curb which is directly contrary to the spirit and practice of democracy. A statement counseling and supporting Friends in the circumstances prepared by a small committee of both Yearly Meetings, of which Thomas A. Foulke is chairman, was read. After much sympathetic discussion, the Meeting indicated strong de… give Helen the support she needs and expressed to her its love, its respect and understanding for the difficult decision she has made. The Meeting approved …. directing the clerks to write to the representative committees expressing to .. full support which the Meeting feels able to give to Helen and to others, who stand for conscience sake.

5/4/1952 To the Representative Committee of the Phila. Yr. Mtg. Of Soc. …

Dear Friends:

Helen H Corson, a member of the London Grove monthly meeting, has i…. that for conscience sake she cannot subscribe to the Pennsylvania …. Act of 1951 and is thereby lost her position as an employee with the Chester County Board of Assistance after fifteen years of service.

The Monthly Meeting held at London Grove on fourth month, sixth, …. considered her statement and directed the Clerks to let the Repres …... Committee know that a minute to this effect is on the record following discussion the meeting expressed a strong desire to sustain and uphold Helen H. Corson with understanding love and respect for the difficulty difficult decision she has made. The Meeting indicated also its equal support for those others who may, after careful searching of their consciences subscribe to this Act. feeling that by so doing they could continue to serve in their individual capacities. Freedom of conscience and following the leadings of conscience are basic principles of Quakerism and o.... and it is for each individual thoughtfully and prayer prayerfully to take …. and maintain it.

The Meeting expressed itself in the entire record with the statement.. .. Thomas A. Foulke, in that " On behalf of our our fellow members who are removed from their professions, we affirm our absolute confidence ...integrity of character and in their devotion to the democratic idea.... Country as amply demonstrated by their devoted service in position and responsibility"

Signed by the Clerks
Anna P Webb
Dorothy N. Brosius
Helen Corson expressed her appreciated for the support which the ….. to her

4/5/1953 Helen Corson report on fall meeting of AFSC

4/4/1954 Helen Corson spoke of the H bomb and its impact on peoples especially on Japan. The Yearly Meeting felt that this was sufficient to consider sending a delegation to ask President Eisenhower to …. for testing larger devices. The Meeting approved of the Clerk's …. to the President and to the Secretary of State, expressing our concern.

1/2/1955 Helen Corson asked that the feeding for China be endorsed that individuals contact the President to urge this program. As there was no general approval for any action from the Meeting, it will be considered at a future time.

6/5/1955 A letter from Helen H. Corson was read telling of her proposed trip of two months to visit England and Germany. As she hopes to visit Meetings, she asks for a minute from our meeting. The Meeting approved of directing the Clerk to write

7/3/1955 A letter from the Peace Committee was read, asking first that a letter be written to Plymouth Monthly Meeting, commending its stand on loyalty oaths especially in the case of Mary Knowles whom they retained as Librarian of the Jeannes Memorial Library in spite of her refusal to sign a loyalty oath, as they felt complete confidence in her loyalty. They were awarded $50,000 from the fund for the Republic, Inc. for their stand in this matter. The Meeting approved a suggested letter which will be sent. The Committee also asked that letters be written to our representatives at Harrisburg, recommending house resolution #93 which in part advocates total disarmament of all nations. meeting approved of tentative letters which with minor changes, will be signed by the clerk and sent, so that a copy of the resolution will be sent to the President before the four power conference.

A letter from the Yearly Meeting Race Relations Committee was read asking meeting to write to Governor Leader to recall the warrant of extradition of a negro who had been wrongfully imprisoned and is to be returned to Georgia, Meeting approved and the clerk was directed to write such a letter.

11/6/1955 Communications were read from Margaret Bell Corson and Geoffrey Corson for a transfer of membership for themselves and for Adelaide (Heidi) Alan and Linda Corson to Harrisburg United Monthly Meeting these letters were accompanied by certificates forwarded by the overseers, which with the approval of the Meeting will be signed by the clerk and forwarded to Harrisburg United Monthly Meeting. London Grove will feel this loss, but Harrisburg Meeting will be strengthened by the addition of these interesting, capable and devoted Friends.

1/1/1956 “Response to the Queries for Worship and Ministry as given by 4 committee members (with group re-action included).

“Query #1.

We believe that the spoken ministry in our meeting does tend to promote spiritual growth, and are grateful that an increasing number are sharing this service.

“Since there is always a Scripture reading in the early part of the hour, message nearly always follow lines of thought suggested by the passage read. This tends to discourage purely humanistic or exclusively ethical talks, and to keep them more God-centered. Although we believe the messages spring from a sincere desire to be helpful to those present, they are too seldom are a response to an authentic compelling fresh vision “opening hearts” and minds to the indwelling spirit of Christ. We feel the need for a real baptism of the living Spirit which will give depth and power to our ministry by

by - Helen Corson

5/6/1956 The following delegates were appointed to attend Beliefs Into Action Conference to be held 10th month 6th, 1956, at Race Street Meeting House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Helen H Corson
(eight others)

Helen Corson reported that members of Western Quarter were invited to a family picnic to be held at Lincoln University, Lincoln University, Pennsylvania, August 11, 1956, and 4:00 PM. The hosts will be a group from Lincoln University who are interested in race relations.

9/2/1956 Helen H Corson made some comments about the Beliefs into Action Conference to be held October 6, 1956, and among other things urged more members to attend this conference.

Helen H Corson reported that the Inter-Racial family picnic was held at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania on August 11,1956 and that this meeting was represented by 31 members and attenders She stated it was a pleasant affair and that she was gratified with the attendance from London Grove.

Helen Corson on Race Relations Committee.