Helen Corson
In London Grove Meeting Minutes
 On November 11, 2015 my wife Laurie and I went to the Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College. With the assistance of curator Chris Densmore and the helpful library staff we were able to access London Grove Meeting Minutes that are archived there. It was soon apparent that note taking was too slow and photocoping not practical. We used our cell phones to copy pages that had references to Helen. Later we transcribed from the photos to text. There are problems with this process. The cameras were not always held at the right angle or distance. Some words are missing on the edges of the page, the transcript is thus choppy and there is sometimes ambiguity. They are though revealing and it is easy to be drawn into the issues of the time, to be drawn into the Meeting's activities. The vibrancy of the Meeting is everywhere apparent.
-- by David Watkins
In 1942 Helen was age 58, in 1967 she was 83.
Meeting minutes are kept in binders that span multiple years.
1942 - 1950 * 1950 - 1956 * 1957 - 1961 * 1962 - 1967
 On the Swarthmore College website we find the following history:

"Friends Historical Library was established in 1871 to collect, preserve, and make available archival, manuscript, printed, and visual records concerning the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) from their origins mid-seventeenth century to the present. The collection reflects the Quaker origins of Swarthmore College. With more than 45,000 books, pamphlets and serials, 60,000 photographs, 400 major manuscript collections, and 9,000 volumes of original meeting records, Friends Historical Library is one of the outstanding research facilities for the study of Quaker history. The Library also maintains the Swarthmore College Archives and the papers of the Swarthmore Historical Society."

There is a variety of interesting materials on the library website, including the Swarthmore College Peace Collection.